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Coast to Coast 2021

A 5-day bike ride across central Florida.  The trip was filled with fun, laughter, and some unexpected happenings.  We saw beautiful scenery, real alligators and snakes, quaint towns and villages.  We also met new people and made new friends along the way.  It was quite an experience and glad to share it with good friends.  The memories will last forever. Thanks Cliff, Jack, David, Vickie, Poddy and Karen.  Special thanks to my lovely wife Chris for watching our adopted granddaughters so I could go on the trip.  Love you all.  Barry Blog.

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The Finish

The Memorial Causeway

Frenchie's Rockaway Grill

Clearwater Florida

Dunedin Florida

Day 5: The final stretch

Day 5 Saturday May 1 2021 Tarpon Springs to Saint Petersburg

Dinner at Hellas

having fun in Tarpon Springs

Day 4 Leaving Brooksville